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Daniel O’Neill, Sisters Skate Park Alliance

“One of the most amazing things about Robinson and Owen’s involvement with the Sisters Skate Park Alliance and our project is that they approached us rather than responding to a request for support.  Excavating the bowl and setting the drain were crucial parts of our building process.  We planned on doing these tasks ourselves, but would not have been able to.  Robinson and Owen coming forward and offering their help was one of the most valuable offers of support we have received.

Robinson and Owen planned on providing a rough excavation of the bowl and setting the drain.  Shortly after beginning the digging process, they realized that the ground was too rocky for us to go back later with a smaller piece of equipment to fine tune the excavation.  Olin and Travis decided to spend the extra time fine tuning the excavation for us.  I could not believe the generosity of Mike, Rod, Olin, and Travis.

Once Olin and Travis began excavating the bowl, their attention to detail and pride in their work was evident.  They really cared about what they were doing and it showed in the quality of job they did.  They worked for three full days and had a great attitude the whole time.

I believe that Robinson and Owen’s generous donation to the Sisters Skate Park Alliance is an example of the attitude and perspective that makes Sisters one of the greatest communities to live in.  Our project has survived on the support of our community.  Our community could have looked for reasons not to allow this project to happen, but instead looked for reasons why they should support their kids.  Robinson and Owen could have easily looked over our project and found a reason not to get involved, but instead saw an opportunity to help the kids of their community make their dream a reality.

I started working with the kids with the sole goal of building a quality skate park for them, but I have already gained much more.  I feel so much more connected to this community as a result of the actions of people like Mike, Rod, Olin, and Travis.  The Sisters Skate Park Alliance will forever be grateful.”

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